Early morning rambles.

In the silence of this early morning dark,
I find myself awake.
There’s no one else inside my house,
Who eyes are as open as mine.

I lay in bed and wonder if I should make some tea,
Instead I lay in bed some more
And and have a think or three.

I think about my dreams last night
and wish I knew their meaning,
I wondered why I smoked cigars
While I was asleep and dreaming.

Then I start to wonder if my baby is awake,
I hear her mumble, hear her moving
And wait for her arrival.

It’s not that very often see, I’m awake at this silly hour.
I’m normally still sound asleep
Recharging my super-mum powers

I really fancy that cup of tea I mentioned just before, still I stay in bed and avoid my cold hard floor,

I think some more about our life
And if anything needs changing,
I love my life, its pretty perfect
But I should change the bedding.

I think about my girl some more,
Last night she drew some shapes!
I couldn’t quite believe the it, I did a double take.

She told me about the triangle and showed my how to draw it,
I didn’t believe, I asked for her to draw it bit by bit

And there it was in all its glory,
That small three sided point,
My pride was swollen it made me laugh and wiggle all my joints!

When I see my baby growing, learning and achieving
I count my lucky stars, smile and do some day-dreaming

Watching her school play
And helping her with homework,
Sunny days, in the pool before she heads back off to school,
Will she pass all her exams?
Will she conquer fears?
Will I be old and grey
But still wipe away her tears?
Will she drive?
Will she work?
Will she be happy?
I hope she is, I’ll make sure of it
Because she’s my world.

I really shouldn’t try to write poems at 6.30 in the morning,
My words don’t rhyme, I’m not it time
I’m normally much better.
I try again another day at a more convenient time, maybe then I’ll get it right and get my words to rhyme!

Morning everyone!
Km x


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