About me!

I’ve had this blog for a while.
I’ve been working on it and I realised that most of the time I’m a faceless blogger. I talk about my life and my home, my animals and my days, to list a few, but I don’t often talk about myself.
I’m introducing myself to you, think of it as a way to get to know the woman behind the blog.

Here’s some things you don’t know about me, well you might but I’ve complied a list…
Here goes…

50 things you didn’t know about the woman behind the blog.


1. That’s me, I love taking selfies.

2. My favourite colour is pink.

3. My middle name is Elizabeth.

4. I’m 5 foot tall, that’s it, I’m an inch shy of being able to get offended by being called a midget.

5. I’m a complainer. A right moaning myrtle.

6. I have OCD tendencies. Like I alphabetise things and straighten others etc, etc!

7. I’m 24 years old.

8. I’m a fluent Welsh speaker.

9. Willows name may or may not be a connection to Harry Potter.

10. I’m good at being subtle. (See previous fact)

11. I’m a Sagittarius.

12. I love chocolate. Chocolate covered chocolate cake covered in chocolate sauce and microwaved, especially.

13. I love cartoons. Kids ones, adult ones, doesn’t matter.

14. I’m honest.

15. I had a dummy until I was 12!! (Told you I was honest)

16. I still love Garage, even though it’s old school, it’s possibly the best music.

17. Once, I auditioned for Xfactor.

18. When I was younger, I saw a dead Christmas tree tied to the top of someone’s car and I shouted at the top of my lungs, “LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT COCONUT!” In my defence, it looked like one! To this day, whenever I see a coconut, I’m like “look at the size of that coconut!”

19. I get so distracted sometimes I forget about my surroundings. I’ve almost be run over a million times and I’ve walked into so many lampposts it’s become unfashionable.

20. I’m easily embarrassed.

21. I have a fiery temper.

22. I’m a sucker for a ballad. I just love to sing.

23. I like writing poems, I’m not always good at it.

24. I’m on a diet.

25. I have size 4 feet.

26. I procrastinate, a lot.

27. Way to many of my sentences start with “I saw this thing on Pinterest.”

28. I love reading.

29. I have 3 cats and one dog.

30. I smoke.

31. I have PCOS.

32. Sometimes I cry just because ” I need a good cry.”

33. I’m a worrier.

34. I’m quite the party planner.

35. I love baking.

36. I’m petrified of spiders.

37. I burp really loud, unashamedly.

38. I’m awful at math.

39. When I was younger, I was haunted. (By a ghost of a little girl)

40. I don’t have Facebook.

41. I hate the cold but I love winter.

42. I want to go to te Eiffel Tower at some point in my life.

43. I have, although I don’t see all of them, 6 siblings.

44. I’m a brony.

45. I’m guilty of being gullible.

46. I have a mole on my face, just above my lip, I call it my beauty spot.

47. I don’t like coffee.

48. I can’t drive.

49. I have a very short fuse.

50. I have very weird dreams and actually own a ‘dream interpretation’ book.

Well, that’s that then.
I hope you’ve enjoyed being enlightened. I know there’s probably a million things more I could say but just this handful of facts about me will hopefully give you more of an insight into who I am.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it!


Faye aka Kaboodle Mum.


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