Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree!

Day four of our 24 day advent of activities.
Today we’re making a 3d christmas tree to paint and decorate.

I had to make the Christmas tree in advance because it was much to complex for willow, it requires lots of cutting and measuring and taping so I made it while she was in school.

It took a little while to make and I needed to work it out because I haven’t made one before and I wanted to try and come up with an activity and create it without the help of Pinterest!

The tree is complete.


It’s pretty epic, even if I do say so myslef!

The next step for today’s activity was to paint it.
I had pre mixed powder paint left over from yesterday so I just added in some pva glue, mixed it up and it was ready.
Willow and I had lots of fun painting the tree, we really enjoyed how easy it was to do.


I had lots of fun creating the tree, it gave me a chance to explore my own kind of creative and it added an adult element to the project which I enjoyed.
It was relatively easy to make, cardboard, paper, scissors and tape make up all the stuff needed to create it.
Obviously you’ll need paint and bits and bobs extra to decorate it but for the foundations of the project it’s really simple and the materials are easy to come by.

I’m not going to list the method and instructions because my blog is starting to look like a tutorial page and that’s not what I want it for haha!
However, if enough people ask for it I will write a How to post of it on the blog 🙂

Thanks again for reading Kaboodlers!
Lots of love,
Kaboodle Mum


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