One of ‘those’ days.

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling so optimistic for the day ahead, only to discover that all those high hopes you had were false?
The day you imagined, turns out to be a roller coaster of emotions and nothing seems to go the way you planned?

Me too. And today was one of those days.

I woke up this morning with big plans.
Today was the day I would try to make Cold Porcelain/air dry clay for the first time.
After dropping willow off at playgroup I quickly popped to the shop to pick up the ingredients I needed.
I got home from the shop in great time and remembered I had phone calls to make.
I made the phone calls.
After the phone calls, I had urgent emails that needed sending. I got those done in lightning speed and that was that.
I set about making the ADC and, shock horror, it was abysmal, there was no salvaging it. I used the wrong kind of glue. However, I naively thought I could salvage it and that was such a fail I ended up with this lump of sticky, hot, mess that did nothin except stick itself to everything it touched.
Needless to say, it went in the bin.
I quickly tried a smaller portion with the correct glue and it did turn out okay, it’s setting in the fridge. We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.

Now, onto our 24 day Advent of Activity…

I’d planned to make Christmas trees out of our handprints, stick them all together and decorate them.
I planned on tracing around our hands with pencil and cutting out the shapes. I quickly realised that Willow wasn’t going to sit there and let me cut out all the handprints without having something to say about it so,
Instead, I mixed up a batch of powder paint in a festive colour of green. By doing this it meant she would still have fun and I could cut them out later.
That part went, okay, willow did enjoy putting her hand in the paint and making prints but she enjoyed it so much that she tried to do prints of her hands, forearms and elbow too. The paint was everywhere and it was starting to dry and make willow itch (downside to powder paint.) obviously that then needed washing off.
After having a quick clean, Willow decided she was no longer amused by the handprints. She wanted to stick and glue and colour in something so I went off to get some more paper from upstairs. I came downstairs and realised that I had left out the kitchen spray bottle. Willow, in the minute or so I was gone, tried to clean the walls. My fault. But the big circle on my wall doesn’t look pretty at all.

I tired to explain to willow that she mustn’t touch the spray bottle and she felt very ‘told off’ and proceeded to cry, and cry and cry and cry.

“Someone’s tired.”

After about 2 hours of conflict, we finally became friends again. I suggested we make play dough. Willow was well up for it. So we went out the kitchen to make it. Some cleaning needed doing before we could start so I suggested to willow to go and sit down with a snack while I quickly cleaned the things we needed.
That caused her to get upset again, of course, I should’ve cleaned the stuff first but I didn’t think.

Eventually willow settled again and we made play dough.
It went fine, the ingredients all mixed well and coloured well. Awesome! Right?


The play doh was great. Willow wasn’t.
Her little ears must have switched off this afternoon because she just would not listen. Between pouring flour on the floor and then trying to eat the dough, I couldn’t seem to say anything which would help. Willow was determined to be independent and I could tell.
I made a few fatal mistakes today, making suggestions before they were really do-able, not planning in advance…

“Where’s that parenting handbook? I need a refresher!”

The play doh is sat in the fridge, it hasn’t even been played with. Willow decided that because I gave her a smaller portion of each colour instead of the whole ball, which is about the size of a small melon, might I add, she didn’t want to play at all.
That was the end of it for me!
I packed everything away, made a cup of tea and sat down.
Oh, and when I checked, the very Important email I sent this morning, didn’t actually deliver! I’d written the email address wrong!

I don’t know what went wrong for me today, but it really was just one of those days.

I hope your day was much better than mine!
Lots of love,
Kaboodle Mum xx


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