24 day Advent of Activities. Day 2!


In today’s world everything is bigger, better and more interesting.
We sometimes forget how fun it is to play traditional games, like board games, or card games, in this technological age.
We search the Internet for tutorials on how to make and do.
We forget that hidden away in our cupboards or under our stairs are the most simple things to do.

Today I decided that we would strip things back to basics.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s lots of fun mixing up ingredients and creating a masterpiece with some flour, water and salt, (salt dough) but isn’t it just as fun to get the colouring book and crayons out and just colouring outside the line?


There’s no video today, no instructions, no recipe, guildlines or methods.
Just a reminder that sometimes the best fun can come from doing the most simplest of things, like wiping the dust off the pencils, pens and crayons and just letting your creative side flow.

The colouring books and pens really did make for great fun! Willow and I we’re colouring for an hour consistently and for over FOUR HOURS on and off.
Willow has woken up this morning and gone straight back to her book and is colouring in again!
I thought I’d update you on how successful it has been for us to do the simplest activity.

Hope you’re having the best day!
Lots of love,
Kaboodle Mum xx


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