The countdown begins!


I woke up this morning with an air of excitement!
It’s one month away. A month today, we will be up to our elbows in ripped up wrapping paper, fiddling with those stupid cable ties and searching for the scissors you had only the night before. One month today until you realise you needed double A batteries instead of the triple A’s you did buy, or come to the realisation that you thought you had some but you actually don’t!

Just one more month.

One more month.




Holy s**t.

I’m so excited. I keep reminding willow that Santa is coming and she laughs! She shouts “Yay!” And starts jumping on the spot.
It’s funny to watch, it feels even better. I can’t wait for this year, her little face when she opens her gifts.

Being a parent is the best thing to be on Christmas Day. The older they get the more fun it is, although it does get more expensive!

I’m nowhere near ready yet, not even half way done so Christmas Mode is 100% on. Now I’m off to make some lists and clear out some cupboards in preparation for all the Christmas things were going to be hoarding over the next 4 weeks!!

Stay festive friends.
Kaboodle Mum xx


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