Salt dough update.

I was stood out the kitchen earlier today and I was staring at the salt dough shapes we made last night.

I was looking at them feeling disheartened. I’d been really looking forward to making some Christmas shapes and putting them to good use by either painting them and putting some ribbon on them to hang them on the tree or maybe as gift tags, that would different, but no, there they were staring back at me in their puffed up, misshapen glory. Suddenly it dawned on me, I used self raising flour!

Now maybe there is no difference, after all the recipe I read didn’t specify whether I should use self raising or plain flour, it just said flour.
However, I am under the impression that the site I visited and the author of the recipe were American, and correct me if I am wrong but Americans only have one kind of flour, right? They add raising agents if the need too, I think anyway.
If that’s the case then it’s possible that I made a fatal error and that’s why my shapes ended up puffed up and out of shape!

Who knows?

What I do know is that I will be doing the salt dough recipe again, only next time I will use plain flour and see if they turn out differently.
I will update you when I get around to doing it again!

So let’s talk about today.

Today was a busy day, we had the shopping to do which turned out to be a Christmas and new trainers kind of shopping trip instead of the ‘get what we need’ kind of shopping trip we had planned.
Little miss kaboodle and kaboodle dad had new trainers, I had some new dish cloths…. I make it sound terrible, but ive been wanting these particular dish cloths for a while…..
yes I am slightly weird!

Anyway, after the busy morning and early afternoon we all needed some down time and so, my waste not want not switch clicked over to ‘on’ and out came the paints and the puffy salt dough shapes.

Miss willow and I embarked on a mission to decorate the shapes, I didn’t care how because I have no use for them at the moment. In true to ourselves fashion we made a U turn and ended up having an epic messy play session which was just what the doctor ordered.

Our objective was to decorate the salt dough shapes, and that we did,


But, and this might not come as a shock to you, toddlers have the smallest attention span ever and the shapes were set aside, before I knew it I had a multi coloured child and too many pieces of painted paper to count.
I didn’t mind, we made some pretty awesome hand prints and then things just got so messy, the iPhone had to be put away, out came the wet wipes and some ‘abstract art’ was created by pouring more paint into our pallet and dipping pieces of paper into it.

I won’t lie, the results were pretty awesome!


Those are definitely worthy of a page or two in our scrap book!

We continued to have fun with the paints for ages and after the painting was done, willow and I washed up together and wiped everything down together. After eating our dinner, miss kaboodle went to bed and the day was done.

What a lovely day!
I hope your day was equally as exciting as ours!

Lots of love, goodnight!
KM xx


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