Another Pinterest Pinter-test!


Salt dough!

Never in my life, as far as I can remember, have I made Salt Dough and when I was procrastinating on Pinterest scrolling through Pinterest earlier today, a few salt dough recipes and tutorials came up.
Each post I saw caught my eye and the more I saw the more I wondered about it. So I set off down curiosity road and head on over to google where I found information on what salt dough is and what can be done with it. I won’t lie, I immediately thought it sounded a bit too much effort considering you make it and then you bake it For about 3 hours! so I decided it was one for when my kaboodle kid has a bit more patience, actually, come to think of it, maybe it’s me who needs more patience? Either way, three hours is a long time for me, I like quick and easy projects that don’t need to much hassle, time, money and space.

Curiosity kept me scrolling though, and I found a guide titled ‘Best salt dough recipe ever’ *click*
I read the ingredients, and individually checked them off as in stock (aka in the cupboard) and when the guidelines said you didn’t need to bake it, you could microwave it, my interest was fully piqued.

So I figured in the spirit of my Glow Jars pinter-test I’d have a little go at pin-busting the 3 ingredient, 3 minute cook, Salt Dough recipe. The idea being, to make some paintable Christmas shapes with little miss kaboodle Kid.

What you will need.

• Half a cup of Flour
• Half a cup of Salt
• Half a cup of Water
• A bowl
• A spoon
• A microwave
• A rolling pin
• cookie cutters
• A toddler (optional)

The recipe told me half a cup of each and that it was possible I wouldn’t need all of the water because the dough needs to be relatively dry, it did say to add more flour if it was too wet.
With all that in mind, I set about getting it all ready.


Step one
Put flour in bowl

Step two
Put salt in with flour

Step three
Gradually add water while stirring flour/salt mix

Step four
(When consistency is right) knead dough

Step five
Proceed with rolling, cutting, shaping and making 🙂


Step six
Place the shapes on to a microwaveable plate and nuke for three minutes.


Here’s how they turned out,


The pros and cons


• not many ingredients.
• you’re likely to already have the ingredients in the cupboard.
• very simple to make.
• quick.
• easy.
• cheap.
• ideal for rainy days.
• could be made into a gift.


• The bubbles
• The misinformation.

The misinformation,
As I’ve told you already the recipe called for half a cup each of salt, flour and water. It said to add the water gradually and slowly to get he consistently right and it also said that it was possible not all the water would be needed.
In my haste I added quite a lot of water at once and the mixture wasn’t right. I had to add a lot more flour to get it back to a good doughy consistency ready to knead it.
I probably only used 1/4 cup of water and about 1 cup of flour, while the salt stayed the same.

My Verdict

Overall these are pretty fun to make. I enjoyed it, Willow enjoyed it. Getting the finished product quickly made it all the more better. Given that there’s only 3 ingredients they’re cheap to make and totally worth it, even if you ended up with a bunch of unusable things made by toddlers it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to resent throwing them in the bin.
I liked the fact that because they are hard when finished they can be used for many different things, I set up to make some Christmas decorations for the tree but I think if the time were taken you could make candle holders, gift tags, home decor, well, let your imagination run wild.
As you saw in the cons, the salt dough bubbles up when cooked in the microwave. I don’t know if this is a salt dough thing but I wasn’t happy about it. I also don’t know if it may be a repercussion of messing up the mix in the beginning. Who knows? I’m a novice at this salt dough thing.
In short, I give Salt Dough a big thumbs up and stamp it with the kaboodle seal of approval. Willow had lots of fun with the dough, and I enjoyed letting my creative side flow with the cookie cutters!
So get on the bandwagon my friends, and let your creative side flow with this super awesome salt dough 🙂

Lots of love and stuffs



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