Putting Pinterest to the Pinter-Test!

Anyone else as guilty as me when it comes to Pinterest and the copious amount of time we spend pinning stuff?

I thought so.

I have spent countless hours scrolling through Pinterest posts, and then the related pins, and the related pins to those pins and the pins related to those pins and so on. I have seen so many inspiring things, I just wish I had enough money to do them!

So, I was out the kitchen this evening getting myself a drink and I noticed a packet of glow sticks just sat in the corner left over from bonfire night and in an epic moment of madness, I climbed up the kitchen counter, reached up onto the top of the wall cupboards and laid my hands on two of the many, many empty jars I have hoarded over the last year and tried to replicate a Pinterest pin I have previously pinned. (try saying that 5 times in a row super fast!)


You need only three things to complete this!

• glow sticks
• jars
• scissors

Step one:
Get jars

Step two:
Get glow sticks

Step 3:
Get scissors

Step 4:
Cut glow stick with scissors

Step 5:
Empty contents of glow sticks into jars

Step 6:
Put lid on jar

Step 7:
Stand back and basque in the glory of your epic creative make!


The Pros and Cons

• They literally take minutes to make
• Easy to do
• cheap to make
• looks awesome (the photo does not do justice)
• so many uses!

• can make your hands stink
• not child friendly to make
• no good after about an hour

So as you can see, there’s more pros than cons and I definitely give them my seal of approval! I actually love them!

Here’s a picture of them with the lights on


As you can see they look super cute even with the lights on but the overall thing is for when the lights are off, they look so cool!


With method to my madness, I put water into one of the jars. It took away the brightness so avoid doing that. if you can wear gloves, then wear them, because I don’t actually know if the stuff inside is harmful or not but either way, your hands smell after so it’s worth it and Do not shake the glass after you’ve shaken the liquid from the glow stick into the jar.
To get the liquid out of the glow stick I had to tap it a million times on the inside of the jar so there were lots of small dots over the inside of the jar which in hindsight would have looked more effective. I did however, shake the jar and even though mine turned out great (if we forget the one with water in, which got ruined by the way) they would have looked way better if I hadn’t.


Final thought

The photos I’ve put up really do not do them any justice, they look dim in the photos where as in real life they looked bright and shiny.
I think if I had used a bigger glow stick instead of the smaller wrist band ones I used, the overall effect would be top notch! It’s a shame the liquid dries so quickly because they would be lovely to have dotted around in the evening instead of candles, that would put a twist on the old romantic clichés!

So go on! Give it a go and see what you think 🙂

Lots of love and stuffs

PS… If you’re interested in following me on Pinterest search Faye Elizabeth or @misslobeck89 – yes! I made the penis cake myself 😉
Happy pinning pinners xx


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