Well that’s strange.

There’s a million things that change when a baby is born. Some we notice straight away and others we don’t.
From the offset our sleeping habits and eating habits change. The way we dress, get ready and prepare ourselves to leave the house is different to how it used to be. You have a little person who depends on you to cater to their every whim and so your life takes the back bench.
We don’t care much for our previous life because we wrap ourselves into our children’s world and everything else becomes irrelevant. But what happens when something changes back to how it was pre-baby?

Settle down kids, kaboodleMum’s gonna tell us all a story.

Recently I decided to stop procrastinating and get on with the kaboodle kids scrap book. We’ve had it laying around since she was small, it consists of her ‘artwork’ and silly little notes from me. It’s cute, I love it and one day so will she.
As a rule, whenever something creative happens in the kaboodle house I tend to lift the front page of willows scrap book and place another piece of art onto the ever growing pile, however, since Willow started playgroup I often find a wad of paper by her peg that’s full of all the drawings and paintings she’s done over the last few days.
It’s getting beyond now, there’s ‘art’ all over the house. There’s a pile in the scrapbook, a pile tucked away in a corner of the kitchen and a substantial amount of paper stored in our craft drawers. Her ‘art’ almost needs its own filing cabinet!
Now Don’t get me wrong there are lots of paintings and drawings that are amazing, there are handprints and paper covered in glued on shapes that look like little rainbows and lots more of them are so pretty, I couldn’t bare to throw them away!

Hence the scrap book.

As I was saying about change,
I decided the time to clear off the front of the fridge was upon us.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve cleaned it over the past few years but I normally just jiggle things around a bit and wash it. Not this time. This time, I decided I was going to put all the great artwork I normally keep on the fridge into the scrapbook. So I took it all down and cleaned the front of the fridge.
As it so happens I needed to leave the kitchen so I threw down the cloth I was using to wipe it down and off I went, not really taking much in.
I didn’t come back into the kitchen for a while so when I walked in and saw a bare fridge, it freaked me out!

It’s one of the strangest things. I felt like I was in someone else’s kitchen. I couldn’t believe how different the whole room looked because the fridge wasn’t adorned with all of our family crap!

So I had to go back through the pile and stick everything back on!

But it got me thinking, and that lead to this blog post. It’s easy to forget how things were before you didn’t have kids, but then, what was once normal, seems strange!
Even something as silly as a fully decorated fridge being naked for the first time in two and a half years can remind you that what used to be normal, isn’t normal anymore! Instead it’s strange!
It makes me wonder how different it will be when the time comes to remove the cupboard locks….

That’s all for now folks πŸ™‚
Stay festive!
Loveand stuffs,
KM xx



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