The kaboodle chronicles

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me.
August was my last post!
So I figured an update was required to kick start my return to blogdom.


Summer holidays were in full swing and we had some superb weather. There were rainy days, but they were covered by indoor play, arts and crafts and baking.
We spent time in August getting prepared for playgroup. Willow’s ‘school’ as we like to call it.
We enjoyed the sun some more and played in the pool, had many a barbecue and lots of family time.

Sadly, September came too quick.


September saw us into school term number one. Willow loved the idea of school and was familiar with a couple of kids that were starting at the same time, the transition from being home all day to having time in school each day was pretty easy, we had a few bumps in the road the first few days but on the whole my baby has taken to school like a duck to water and loves it. She gets very excited each morning and it’s a great thing to see as a parent.
Next thing in September came potty training.
Fed up with the wet patches all over the place I decide to grab the bull by the horns and buy some big girl pants and deal with it. The first few days were a big deal because there were more accidents but after about 3 days my girl got the hang of it and embraced the big girl pants way of life. She has accidents still, but who doesn’t? I’ve been known to have a few when I sneeze! (Or play on a trampoline/cough/laugh to hard – yeah you get where I’m going)


What can I say about October?
October came and went really, kaboodle dad was out of work for October and we had some great family time, but it mostly disappeared before our eyes and Halloween was upon us before we knew it.
In true kaboodle style we left it too late to buy a pumpkin! Luckily enough we were given one from kaboodle dads uncle.
Willow was soo frightened of the pumpkin! Even when it was not carved and just an actual pumpkin she would not go near it. She wouldn’t even go into the same room as it. In the end we managed to get her involved and okay with the pumpkin by letting her help us carve it, we carved it into a cute cat face because we figured willow had only just warmed to the pumpkin, making it into a scary face wasn’t going to help the situation.


Well, it’s where we are.
Kaboodle dad is back in work now so the lead up to Christmas has commenced. We’ve been making lists and checking them twice, going shopping and buying all the gifts, well some of them anyway.
There’s a cupboard upstairs that is strictly out of bounds from the kaboodle kid and I’m in my element. Is it too early to start wearing a Santa hat?
I’m one of those people, like buddy the elf… SANTA!!!!!!!
ahem, anyway, bonfire night was hit and miss with Willow, we had family over and did a small display but she wasn’t too keen. The louder bangs from other people’s fireworks were scary for her but we persevered and ended up having a very good night.

So that’s my update! I know it’s short and sweet but who wants to read an essay about the last 3 months?

Now to get back into the swing of things πŸ™‚

See you in another post!

Lots of loves and stuffs!


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