A new beginning

Does anyone remember years ago when technology didn’t totally mess things up for you?
When you could do things on your computer or phone and they actually worked?
I do. And sadly, I’m no longer that fortunate.
My iPhone decided that it was going to throw a few hurdles in my way and declare its undying hatred for me by getting full and then suffering from some sort of hardware fault and booting me out of apps and failing to log me into most of them!
Why has she not just resorted to the timeless technological object that is a laptop, or a computer even? I hear you ask. Let me let you in on a few things, the Internet hates me, my laptop hates the internet and my computer is older than Gods dog.
My little laptop that served me so well for a couple of years decided to cross the boundary and have illicit techno sex with the enemy, unprotected, and came back with a malware infection!
So my TTI (that’s Technologically Transmitted Infections to us mere mortals) riddled laptop has blocked me out of my user profile, which happens to be the administrator account and no longer lets me do anything!
As for my computer, well, it’s still running, or dragging its knuckles along on the floor, on Windows XP. And I can’t even.

So, neither one of my ‘computers’ can provide me with the service I need to continue my blogging journey and my iPhone, well it’s an iPhone, let’s not pretend they’re the best phones, has blocked me from WordPress!
Until now that is anyway.

I somehow, managed to download WordPress again and log in!

So I’m back!
After so long away, I don’t really know where I am, and I cant guarantee that you’ll see me regularly, because you know, life happens.
So anyway, I am online.

Let’s see what magic happens from here!


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