Terrible two’s part ll

It’s been a few months since I updated you all on the wonderful chapter of life known as the ‘Terrible Two’s’ so I figured a new post about how little miss kaboodle kid herself is coming along and how kaboodle dad and I are coping.

A few months ago a friend and I were talking about our daughters and their behaviour, with both our daughters being only 2 weeks apart in age we share many changes that happen roughly around about the same time.
My friends daughter is her second daughter where as Willow is my first and only child. We were having a catch up over a hot mug of tea while the girls played and I mentioned that willow had recently developed a bigger attitude and I put this down as “gearing up for the terrible two’s”.
My friend, let’s call her G, turned around and told me that her belief is that,

“the terrible two’s don’t exist, parents just blame anything their kids do when they’re 2 on them and they make it worse by expecting a change in their kids behaviour, it’s all psychological, my eldest didn’t have the terrible two’s, I told myself, I’m not going to fall into the trap and blame her age on anything she does and I ended up with a well behaved daughter, and she’s still that way.”

Being the single child parent in this equation her words reverberated around my brain for a while. I thought to myself that G could have a really valid point and that maybe, it’s easier to brand a particular behaviour as that of the ‘Terrible Two’s’ instead of believing your child is just pushing the boundaries. That idea brougt me onto thinking that it’s possible, parents allow their little ones to get away with a little bit more while their child is 2 because they live under the metaphorical umbrella that is the Terrible Two’s.
It was just a thought. I’m personally quite opened minded and well-thought, so I concluded that I would have the very same approach, in the hope that Willow would remain the same throughout the year instead of becoming the Goblin child I was fearing she would become.

Let me let you in on a little secret,

The only reason they’re called the Terrible Two’s is because ‘fucking awful’ doesn’t start with a T.

Don’t get me wrong, I listened when G told me her idea, I took it on board and I even went as far as to believe I could avoid the TT’s altogether by altering my approach to them. G was wrong, I was wrong, they do indeed exist, oh by god, they exist!

Let’s get right down to the nitty gritty truth of the matter from my kaboodle point of view.

Every so often, I hate Willow! She infuriates me, aggravates me, annoys me, she upsets me and she’s downright rude sometimes.

Here’s a list of my top reasons why I sometimes think I could happily walk away and start a new life on the other side of the world and sterilise myself in the hope that I never have to experience this ever, ever again!


Ignorance, my child will ignore me until the cows come home if she isn’t getting her way. I would have a better response from a wall! I will ask and ask and ask and ask Willow to behave/listen/do something, but she will simply ignore every single word that comes out of my mouth unless I say “do you want a tip-top?”


Attitude. Ain’t nobody got time for that! When your toddler is saying “Don’t you dare!” When you’re trying to tidy away her mess, you know your words are being thrown back you and there is simply nothing you can do other than stop what you are doing and proceed to sit in the corner of the room and pretend like you’re not there while your kid continues to throw crayons everywhere.


Confidence. It will be your enemy. I can promise you that. As much as confidence is something we all want to see within our kids, when your two year old is telling someone to “go away,” or saying “no,” when being spoken to by strangers, well, it’s embarrassing! Second to that, when your child is over-confident and they think that they can do anything, they will scream until their lungs are empty when you stop them from doing something they think they can do, no matter how dangerous.


Sharing. Especially if you have an only child that hasn’t had a lot of experience with sharing.
I have seen willow being horrible towards other children that want to play with things that she also wants to play with. Or when we have visitors and everything is “MINE!” In her world.
I have had to physically stop willow from hitting people with toys because she doesn’t want to share. The idea that because the item is hers it doesn’t need sharing is something I contend with daily because she likes to hoard her stuff and won’t share with me either!
The other annoying thing about sharing is that when you meet other children, 9 times out of 10 those children will be exactly the same! They don’t like sharing either and when you have a group of toddlers arguing over who gets to play with what, it’s difficult to explain that sharing is okay, they don’t understand the concept of sharing which adds fuel to the fire.


Creativity. Toddlers have ounces upon ounces of creativity. From building with blocks to playing out the garden. They are forever creating scenarios, games, pictures, painting and more. It’s endless. As much as I love being creative with my child that’s just it, I like being creative with my child. When willow uses anything other than paper to draw on, it can be devastating, here’s some things willow has used as a blank canvass for her destructive creative moments,
The animals.
The electrical’s (I.E the Playstation)
Window sills.
Anywhere on the body. Any body, not just her own.
The garden.
The garden fence.
The garden shed.
and any other surface that may find itself within her reach when armed with anything remotely nib shaped!

I understand completely that it’s my fault she has managed to accumulate this much graffiti in less than a year of living here but, she’s also sly, she knows the moment that is best for doing her artwork is when I’ve been sat with her for ages colouring and I go and get us a drink, I could be gone less than a minute and I could guarantee there would be a new addition to her collection.

With a few months left of Willows second year in life I’m sure I’ll be able to write another post in a few months about how much more she has changed and grown while she get herself ready for the ‘Tantrum Three’s’!

Until next time friends,
KM xx


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