Summer holiday!

My poor neglected blog looks bare without any recent posts. I’ve been procrastinating on the blog front due to the summer holiday. These past few weeks I have been doing activities with my kaboodle kid because come September I’m going to be without her for two and a half hours a day. Willow is starting playgroup in less than four weeks and I know I will miss her company, I will miss our stretched out mornings, wearing our pajamas until noon and eating breakfast at 9.30am! A whole new routine is upon us and the idea is quite frightening. Soon enough kaboodle dad and I will both be rushing around in the mornings instead of dad running around while mummy and willow sit and watch cartoons while sipping tea!
I don’t pride myself on the ability to get up in the morning, most mornings consists of kaboodle dad coaxing me out of my quilt cocoon with the previously mentioned mug of tea, even after the tea has been made, the dog has been walked, his lunch has been packed and the morning nappy has been single handedly tackled, kaboodle dad still comes back to get me out of bed!
I guess what I’m trying to say is, I must learn to get out of bed in the morning and not mope around like a little lost lamb! For now though, the summer holiday is in full swing and we’ve had some super weather to help us enjoy it even more!
While I hoard time with my toddler before she goes off on her new adventure in life we’ve had some wonderful times.
This time of year has been unusually kind to us by supplying gorgeous sunlight from dawn until dusk with only a few occasional days of rain which is a whole new entity because here we’re used to having more rain than sun!
Willow has been summer-time spoilt with days in the sunshine, playing in the pool

And she’s also spent time at our local splash pad,

We’ve tried digging for buried treasure,

And making potions using coloured water,


The summer has allowed for some well spent, quality family time,



We’ve learnt about patience,

And had some pretty good afternoon naps,


With just under four weeks left of the holidays I’m sure we’ll have some more fun filled, action packed days and I intend on making the most of them!

Until next time friends, remember to wear sun cream!

KM xx


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