Digging for buried treasure!

Here’s something really cool I recently came by via another blogger here at WordPress. The Pinterested Parent wrote a blog post recently called Mining For Treasure and I thought it was such a lovely idea that I simply had to try it with my little winkle kaboodle kid.

First of all, Miss willow is a very active child and I often find myself struggling for ideas so I’d like to thank Mrs Pinterested for her wonderful idea and I would recommend anybody give this a go with their little ones.

Willow and I had been out for the afternoon with family members at a near by splash pad. While we were there, there was an accident where willow was knocked over by a big kid and landed straight on her head.It was a frightening experience for both of us as Willow took a big bump to her head and lost consciousness for about 30 seconds. We were both a bit shook up by it but as soon as willow had stopped crying she was asking to go into the park so I decided rather than rush her home,wrap her up in cotton wool and detrimentally dent her confidence around big-kids,water and playing at the park in general, I alowed her to go and play again, even though I was hot on her tail for the rest of the day like a relentless paranoid mother (that I actually am).

Anyway, after our afternoon out Willow and I got home at that time of the day where all you want to do is sleep but if you do you know you won’t go to bed at a decent time.
I had to entertain her long enough to keep her active until tea time and so I figured there’s no time like the present and we set about getting all the gubbins together ready to dig for buried treasure, I twisted the original because kaboodle baby loves a good pirate pun, so I donned the me-hearty attitude and filled the sand pit with sand and water and found some old beads


Willow enjoyed playing in the sand and water,



Choosing to use one of mummy’s measuring jugs rather than her own sand pit tools she played for about thirty minutes, scooping, pouring and collecting treasure.
Eventually the novelty wore off and my demon child returned. I realised this after receiveing a face full of wet sand followed by a cackle of loud baby giggles.
However, despite that, Moosie had a wonderful time playing out the garden and I relaxed more after the previous horrific events of the afternoon. Watching my child be herself whilst exploring new things made me realise that she was fine and that I really needed to stop shaking now that it had been about 5 hours since the accident.

All in all, digging for buried treasure reinforced some much needed confidence in knowing the health of my child after taking a bump to the head, I watched her as she used this activity to work on her coordination, patience, understanding and carefulness. While also discussing colours and counting.
I can’t fault the power of adventure and this wonderful idea provided just the right amount of adventure for a quiet thursday afternoon.



The ingredients needed for this adventure are pretty simple.

A nice big bowl or sandbox

Some playing sand


Tools for digging

Somewhere to put your collected treasure.

Old beads

Old clothes.

Voila! Playtime!

Ideas you could try for this,

You could use craft gems (like the Pinterested parent) or you could use marbles, old play jewellery, pieces of lego, etc.

Another idea, which would probably work better with children a little bit older than Willow, if you’re using old beads get your little ones to collect their treasure and run it under clean water. After they’ve finished collecting they could make a necklace or a bracelet with their findings!
I think this would be a fab addition to the overall activity and a bit of string is all you would need.


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