How do slugs have babies?

As a parent you will get asked millions of questions while your little baby grows up and even when they’re adults.
You cannot foresee what questions your little ones will have, and you won’t always have the answer.
Of course, in this day and age we just consult the oracle that is google and answer all these crazy questions that kids come out with.

When I was playing out the garden with kaboodle baby the other day, we were looking at different bugs and the question popped into my head.
It got me thinking, what could I be asked over the years and is there anything I can do in advance so that I am not stumped when I get asked?

Honestly, I’m fully prepared should the slug babies question ever be asked because I found out that they lay eggs.
I think that would be enough to satisfy her curiosity.

I do get concerned about the “where do babies come from?” Because I would always tell the truth, I just hope it doesn’t get asked to early, many embarrassing moments could come from that.
I wonder if she’ll ever ask me how chocolate is made or how a DVD works. Questions I cannot answer right there on the spot.

Parenting seems to get easier as the children get older but the truth is it only gets physically easier, mentally it will still have a hold on you, maybe even for forever.

I remember a few years ago I had taken my youngest brother and sister out to a car boot sale and there was a person selling video tapes and music tapes.
I was shell shocked when they both looked at me with huge curious eyes and asked me what they were.
Only being 12 years older than them I really couldn’t quite grasp how they didn’t know. I went about explaining to them that they were movies and music , much like DVDs and CDs. They seemed overall quite happy with what I had told them until my brother came out with, “so how do they fit in the DVD player? They’re too wide!”
He was serious and I could’ve died laughing.
I went about explaining that they had their own kind of player, DVDs and CDs were new and when I was a little girl we used to have videos and tapes before they were invented. (“What does invented mean?”)
I could tell they weren’t completely satisfied with my answer and were still confused so in order to explain better to them, we bought some videos, a video player and we all went home and watched a video. After I had sorted the tracking they were happy with their purchases and understood a bit better that they were simply movies like DVDs. I don’t think they were satisfied with my “lots of pictures on a roll of film that gets sound around fast enough to make a picture on the screen” answer/explanation as to what exactly they were.

That’s my example of being caught short at question time.

I’m not entirely sure how I’ll deal with any questions that arise in the future with kaboodle baby, I don’t really even know what I’ll be asked, the future will be new for me too, maybe she might ask me what a DVD/CD is in the future, who knows?
I’d like to think that as I get older I will get wiser and my ability to answer her questions will become easier.
For now though, if I find a subject curious I will take time to read information and I hope my reward for doing so will be that I can safely and, more importantly, truthfully answer my child’s questions.

I’m a believe that children should be respected enough to know the truth. My example being what I have already mentioned. Where do babies come from? I will tell willow that mummy and daddy make a baby together, mummy grows eggs and daddy makes stuff in his body that mixes with the egg in mummy’s body and then a baby will grow in mummy’s tummy and when the time is right the baby will be born out of mummy’s flower. (Vagina!)
that way I would have told her the truth without going into complex details and she will be wiser because of it. I’ve never met anyone who’s had a baby through their belly button, I don’t expect my daughter will either so therefore I wouldn’t tell her that’s where babies come from.

I guess I’m an opinionated person, set in her ways. I don’t think any less of any parent that decides to tell their children something sugar coated until they feel it’s completely necessary, just like my example above, I haven’t lied, I’ve lightly sugar coated the fine details about where babies come from, I’ve skipped past the sex and all the other gory details until a time she will understand better, while at the same time keeping within the walls of truth.
Parenting doesn’t come with a handbook, we all do it differently, this is my way and I’m proud of my parenting skills.

while we’re here,
does anybody know how dinosaurs died?

Keep smiling kaboodlers!


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