It won’t always be this way.

It won’t always be this way,
Boredom and despair,
It won’t always be this way,
Life seemingly unfair.

Life won’t always drag,
The grass not always greener,
Your children will grow,
Your days will change
Your house, it will get cleaner.

The washing pile
Won’t always be a mountain,
The dishes won’t need as much water as a forever flowing fountain.

Your carpets won’t always
Have stains and marks and crumbs,
You won’t be changing nappies soon
Or wiping smelly bums.

While you’re there and living
The same day over and over
Just remember one thing
your babies, they get older.

They grow and grow In height and weight.
And stop waking you at night,
Instead they get all dressed up
And then they stay out late.

It’s hard now, they’re small
They’re little and helpless.
They need your time, your energy,
Your attention, it’s endless.

You won’t always need a break,
You won’t always want to cry,
One day you’ll look back
And you will wonder why,

Why time went so quickly,
So Rapid, super fast.
Why now your baby’s bigger,
You’d rather have your past.

You’ll miss the messy dinner times,
The baking and the playing,
You’ll wish you didn’t speed things up,
When you should have been delaying.

You stay at home,
Cleaning, washing, spraying,
You wipe up wee and sick and poo
When really you should be playing.

We teach them how to stand,
We teach them how to walk,
We teach them how to eat,
We teach them how to talk.

We teach them yes from no,
We teach them left and right,
We teach them good behaviour,
We tell them not to fight.

We feed them, dress them
Change them, we put them into bed,
We wipe their sticky fingers,
We kiss them on their head.

We push them on the swings,
And carry them in our arms,
We hold them tight, we sniff their hair
And call them little charms.

We spend a lifetime,
Just to give them life.
We spend a fortune,
Making all things right.

We give them our blood,
Our DNA, just to make them perfect,
We might complain, a lot, at times.
But our children, they’re worth it.

We go without our special things,
Like shoes and clothes and sweets,
Instead with by them special things,
Like toys and games and treats.

It’s hard to be without.
Haircuts, cars and handbags.
It’s hard to never wear
Your favourite kind of glad-rags.

You’ll miss loud music, drinking games, Alcohol and takeaways.
You’ll wish you had more money
So you could still have the takeaways.

Instead you sit at home,
weekends, there’s no escape,
You spend your time making houses
Out of cardboard boxes and sticky tape.

You spend what free time
You’ve managed to acquire,
Doing what you normally do,
All things baby requires.

You’re a mother,
You’re in the hood!
Take it from me, as hard as it is,
You’re doing pretty good.

Do not wish time to flash forward.
Make the most of the sticky fingers.
You’ll miss them when they’re gone
You’ll wish that they had lingered.

Enjoy your baby body,
it won’t always be that way.
Enjoy your curvy, shapely self
You’ll want it back one day.

If your hairs a mess, live with it,
If the house is a mess, live with it.
If there’s toys all over, love with it.
Life is an adventure, get on with it!

I guess I’m not destined to be a poet but I think I did alright!


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