Yep, she’s definitely two.

They’re not that bad, the terrible twos.
So They Say.

As you know miss kaboodle celebrated her second birthday recently and as I said then, what happens with the terrible twos?
I wondered if it simply just happened overnight, would my little girl wake up the morning after her birthday and just be awful?
Well she didn’t, but she didn’t stay that way for long.

It started the Monday morning of our holiday week.
With a lot of packing and a two hour journey ahead of us we woke up early and set about getting ourselves prepared for the long day ahead.
Willow decided it would be really fun to start unpacking our toiletries bag, I walked into our living room and was greeted with a little “here you are mummy,” and I was handed a gift, my gift was a bar of soap, wrapped in a sanitary towel.
I thanked her for her gift, and in return I gave willow her wings…


Miss moosie behaved on the journey and sat quietly without complaint, I was unaware that a storm of attitude was brewing within my child.

Our arrival to the holiday park gave willow a huge amount of energy and she was so excited she was like a bottle of pop!
Running, shouting, jumping, laughing, falling, more running and more again, the girl did not stop and the more excited she became, the less she listened. Before I knew it, my little girl had found her feet, we had attitude, stamping feet, hitting things and throwing herself on the floor.
I think the excitement brought out the devil within because willow wanted to do anything and everything and she couldn’t, her ability to listen seemed to vanish while her ability to answer back became more and more apparent.

Durin our 5 day stay at the holiday park we were very active and had a lot of amenities around us to keep us entertained and busy. We had also saved a bit of money to allow a little freedom to spend while we were away. I wouldn’t go as far to say we spoiled her but kaboodle kid did get more than she would at home.
She had a few new toys and we ate out at restaurants instead of cooking meals. With access to the pool and arcade we spent a lot of time swimming and pushing pennies into slots.
We budgeted our funds in the arcade and when the money ran out so did willows good behaviour, of course she was having a lot of fun playing on the slots and naturally she didn’t want it to end, fighting against her reluctance to leave however was not as entertaining and trying to push small rubber ducks out of a machine using copious amounts of 2 pence pieces.

The play park offered all of willows favourite things and we couldn’t get back to our caravan without passing it and we didn’t always have the time to stop and play. Willow disagreed, according to her there was always time to play in the park and if we didn’t stop, we heard about it.
A few protests as we walked past showed us that she really didn’t like being told she would have to wait until later to play in the park.

We kept busy the whole time we were away and willows routine went out of the window. She was having a lot of fun and for all the attitude and tantrums there was ample supply of good times and with that we cannot complain.
Back at home our normal routine returned and willow complied completely. Her bedtime routine clicked back into place and her sleeping habit continued as if we hadnt been away.
I’ve got to hand it to her because she hasn’t altered her way of behaving when it comes to meal times, bath time, bedtime etc…
The only evidence of her finding her feet is that she knows now that she can say no and mean it.
She sticks to her guns too.
There have been a lot of tears recently because willow wants to do something that’s past the boundary line, like climbing out of the living room window is not a good idea but she seems to think it’s a great one, eating the dog biscuits is equally just as bad and yet willow will persistently try to sneak some in after dinner.
She’s learning how to tell white lies too, if I catch her doing something she shouldn’t (going into the kitchen drawers, daddy’s tool box, the craft box, etc) she tells me she’s tidying up!
I laugh when she isn’t looking because it’s another example of making me ‘froud’ (furious and proud at the same time)
Telling fibs isn’t very good but she’s growing up and learning all the time which makes me proud.

If I’ve learnt something about my little girl is that she knows what she wants to do and disagrees with mine and her daddy’s disagreement.
At the age of two she still has no conception of danger and has a lot to learn about in terms of roads, electricity, heat, heights and many other things that have an element of danger.
I think this next year will be fun, challenging and difficult at the same time, between the three of us we have a lot to learn about each other and I know this chapter in our lives will be over before we know it, the terrible two’s are known for the time in your child’s life when they learn more about themselves and you and in turn you learn more about yourselves and them.
I imagine I’ll be writing about willows escapades in detail over the next few months and I know when I’m older I’ll look back and laugh, well, without her attitude I don’t think we’d have many comedic photos to look back on…

(Miss moosie protesting against leaving the beach walk, taken right before she licked the pillar!)

Even when times are tough we’re making memories and I look forward to the day I can say to her, “you were the same,” when she tells me about her children and how they’re misbehaving 😂

Until next time kaboodlers, keep smiling!



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