Soothers or nothing?

Parenting methods are probably one of the most debatable things to discuss amongst parents. (Ironically)

Everybody’s opinion is different, some disagree some agree, others have their own methods completely, I’ve sat by and listened to advice, I’ve gone to parenting groups with other parents, I’ve spoken to midwives, health visitors and play workers. I’ve read things on the internet and asked my friends.
No matter what the question, you’re likely to get a different answer from each person you speak to.

My question is,

Do we agree or disagree with the use of a soother?
AKA – a dummy, a pacifier

I’m a pretty stubborn, opinionated mare on this subject and Kaboodle baby does have a soother.


Because I believe they’re important.
When you have a newborn baby, knowing exactly what they want, when they want it is very hard to know.
Their cries are pretty much the same if they’re hungry, thirsty, tired, uncomfortable or in need of a nappy change.
Every time your beautiful little bundle makes a cry you have a mental check list that you have to go through to work out what could be upsetting them. After the nappy change, the feed, the winding and the cuddling you should have eradicated the problem.
What happens when you’ve done everything on your mental list and your little one is still upset?

Well, you put a plug in it!

Only joking!
In all seriousness, willow used to get angry and upset after a feed because she would struggle to get her wind up and had a bit of colic.
It would take over an hour to get the wind up sometimes and it was a hard job to sit, stand, walk around and continually tap and rub her back over and over, trying all different ways of holding her. Willow would be so, so upset and it would make me cry because there was nothing more I could do.
The poor girl just wanted to sleep so I tried her with a soother and she took to it well. It helped her sleep while I continued to rub her back and it didn’t prevent her burping when it eventually came up.
It made my life much easier and I wouldn’t change it if I had to go back and do it again.

What started off as an aid slowly became we both relied. She would expect something to suckle after she was full up on milk and I respected that, it also meant that I could wind her without having to listen to her pained cries.
The soother became a part of our daily routine and it was a huge help in the night time. When the feeds and burps were done, miss kaboodle would cry when put back into her Moses basket, the soother prevented the prolonged cries meaning we all slept better and for longer.
In turn, kaboodle dad was able to function at work and kaboodle mum was able to do household stuffs while kaboodle baby was quietly sat, soother in mouth, mesmerised buy her hanging toys over her bouncy chair.

I believe that babies who have soother are less likely to over eat because once they’re full rehab can continue to suckle without eating.
I also believe that babies need something to keep them calm and less frustrated.
I would prefer my child to such a dummy than her thumb. I believe a thumb sucking habit is harder to kick than a soother addiction.
Here’s why I chose to use a soother and how it helped. The soother was what made my baby happy, she didn’t over eat meaning her wind issue improved dramatically, she was calmer meaning we had more time to bond, she slept well which meant Kaboodle dad and I slept well and in turn life was easier because we wasn’t constantly over tired.

Miss Willow was 9 weeks old when she slept through the night for the very first time and she continued to do so, apart from the nights when she would be teething she would sleep from 7 until 11 when I would wake, change and feed her, and then from 11.30pm right through until 7am when daddy’s alarm would go off.
A few grizzles here and there meant the dummy had fallen out so I would just give it back to her and off to noddy land she would return.
There is nothing quite as satisfying as a good nights sleep when you’re a parent.

I believe that her calmness and good sleeping habit (achieved by using a soother) are contribute to the bond willow and I share. I also believe that the reason Willow is as forward as
she is, is because I could spend more time playing with her. The reason I was able to play with her was because she was rarely angry after a feed and woke up happy because she’d had a good sleep, both of which I think we’re achieved by using the soother.

I’m not saying that there weren’t times that weren’t difficult because there were, I am also not saying that the only reason I have a bond with my child is because she had a soother.
I just simply think that because the soother allowed willow to calm down when she needed calming and relax her when she needed relaxing I managed to spend more time with Willow than I did with grumpy Willow and that made a huge difference.

Now, willow is 2 and yes, she still has a soother. It’s her comfort. I do think she has it more than she needs but it’s hers and until she is old enough to understand about giving it up I won’t take it away.

I personally know a few mums who’s children don’t have soothers, some believe that soothers are no good and choose not to use them because they can have an impact on the way the child’s teeth grow, other parents tried their babies with soothers and the babies didn’t take to them.
I don’t judge either way. A parent will bring up their children whichever way they are comfortable with, there will always be someone, somewhere, that thinks differently about how a child should be brought up, for instance, I totally disagree with allowing babies and children to have televisions in their bedrooms, but that my friends, i’ll save for a future blog post!

Thanks for popping by and having a read!


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