Please excuse the state of my face!

Yesterday was the day Kaboodle baby had her two year check with her health visitor.

I won’t lie to you, I totally forgot about the appointment and when the knock on the door came and woke Willow and I up from a rare afternoon nap, I initially ignored it. A second knock told me whoever was at the door needed to see me so I reluctantly went and opened up the door and saw the health visitor stood in front of me.

“Ohh! Hey! Come on in,”

Off she went into the living room and off I quickly ran upstairs to check myself in the mirror.

To my horror I saw that the one side of my face was covered in the pattern of the material on my sofa!
Oh, good god! What do I look like?
I went back downstairs and walked into my living room and grabbed the bull by the horns,

“Please excuse the state of my face, I completely forgot you were coming today!”

The health visitor quickly asked if it was okay for her to be there or would I like to reschedule for another day?

“No, no, it’s fine, honest, we were just having lie down watching a movie,”
Not wanting to admit that I chose to have a nap instead of doing the housework.

She laughed and told me not to worry and set about her task of getting willow to build blocks, my poor baby had been awake less than four minutes!
I must give it to the little Trojan, blocks she did build, little things she did count, puzzles she placed correctly, she pointed to a couple of pictures she was asked to point at and she drew a few lines and circles onto a piece of paper.

Overall the visit was fine, even if I did spend the whole time rubbing my face and wishing I could leave long enough to have a drink and brush my teeth!

Willow scored well on the charts, hitting the numbers that represent the ages two and a half to three years old which pleased me, obviously.
She had dropped a centile on her weight chart which was kind of unexpected because she never stops eating but considering she hardly ever stops running and playing I guess she burns it all off.
She measured at 81cm in height which was consistent with her growth centile albeit her being short (like her mother)

I guess it could’ve been worse, my patterned face have us both a laugh and who can argue with that!



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