It’s birthday time at the Kaboodle residence.

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of my parenting debute. The day I celebrate the birth of my darling daughter.
She in turn gets lavished with gifts and money, celebrated, kissed, hugged and snuggled.
After all it is her birthday! Her second birthday! I won’t lie, I’m pretty sure we got it all the wrong way around, shouldn’t us mothers be lavished with gifts, money, be celebrated, kissed and snuggled? We sacrificed our bodies (and other intimate places) to welcome our little beauties into this wonderful world, I digress, it’s her birthday and I cannot wait to watch her celebrate it.

Today has been filled with trips to various different shops to pick up all the birthday goodies and gifts.
Kaboodle baby herself has even been shopping and picked herself a present, a pair of pom-poms. We initially intended to let her loose in a local shop to choose stuff herself but with slim pickings there we decided the pom-poms were a good start but the sanitary towels and hand wash weren’t. We put those back and picked her up a dolly pram instead. I’m sure the pram will provide more fun than a bottle of hand wash.

So what about the terrible two’s then?
I’m curious, do I send my daughter to bed tonight and wake up to a goblin?
Recently Willow has found that throwing herself on the floor really makes mummy pay attention, it also sometimes helps her get her way!
She’s not stupid, my little ball of girlieness, she knows how to push my buttons at the same time as melting my heart, maybe the terrible two’s arrived prematurely in this house because this kaboodle kid has been throwing her weight around for a while now. Has any one else found that only your child can be naughty whilst making you proud? Here’s an example of when willow makes me ‘froud’ (furious + proud)
Willow currently has an obsession with climbing onto the bathtub to reach the shelf that holds all the tooth cleaning paraphernalia , her ability to climb, find her toothbrush, open her toothpaste, turn on the tap, apply paste to brush and start cleaning her teeth makes me reach super-pride because I realise how clever and capable she is. This also makes me furious because she’s at danger of falling and used up three quarters of the toothpaste tube which isn’t cheap, second to that, I’ve told her a million times before to not climb on the bath!

Of course I know I could prevent this from happening simply by closing the bathroom door but this child knows no limits. When she finds that the bathroom door is closed she simply goes to get one of her bedroom drawers, empties it, takes it to the door, turns it upside down and stands onto it to reach the handle. You can’t fault the girl for trying, I can’t help but feel proud of her problem solving abilities but I also feel furious that I have a whole drawer of clothes to pick up off the bedroom floor. Again.


There you have it, two prime examples of how my wonderful child manages to make me proud whilst pushing my buttons.


After getting back from shopping, Miss Willow knew about the pram so we figured we might as well assemble it and allow her to play with it today to save ourselves from the ‘wrath of the Titan toddler’ if we’d have dared to take it away until tomorrow. The pram  went down better than we expected and while she was distracted I took to the kitchen, donned my apron and started on the birthday cake.
With funds low and poor weather we decided we’d spend a little extra on gifts instead of a fortune on a party, with the promise that she would still have a prim and proper birthday cake made by yours truly.
What started off as a bunch of ingredients and an optimistic attitude resulted in 4 hours of cake decorating bliss.


Any mother or father will tell you, There’s nothing better than being able to have the time to do what you love doing  when you’re a parent and for me that something I love doing is a  bit of cake dec.

Here’s what happened out my kitchen today!


I’m pretty confident that Mr Tumble himself would love to have a cake this spotty and bag like for his birthday.  I know my little bundle of joy will pretty much bounce off the walls when she see’s it.

Our day didnt end there when it comes to the birthday preparations.

after cleaning up the kitchen because it looked like a box of icing sugar threw up all over the place we set about tea time and bath time and bid our Little Miss a goodnight.

Following the ten minute tidy up that happens every evening we sat down and wrapped up all of her gifts.

(only a few are from us, Most are from relatives that live away who sent down money for us to buy her gifts with.)



Now I’m writing this little blog post.

There sure is no rest for the wicked, I can tell you that.

I’d imagine when I wake tomorrow my daughter will still be my daughter and not the previously mentioned goblin. I do however imagine that I may be writing blog posts in the future about just how terrible the terrible two’s can be.

Until next time my friends, remember this, Parenting is not about spending money, its about spending time and its not about giving your children the earth when all they need is a place to call home. Sometimes I wish I could give willow more when I look at her modest pile of presents. Knowing that I didn’t buy half of them makes me feel like I could do more, but, I know in my heart that she is happy and healthy and those don’t come with a price tag.

Take care readers, and thanks for popping by.



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