An Introduction to Kaboodlemum

My name is Faye Elizabeth and I am a proud mum to a beautiful little girl called Willow who has many different nicknames which I know I’ll use throughout this blog, it may seem like I’m referring to more than one child but I do only have the one (for now that is)
Let me just say that I am not a writer, I don’t have a degree in English literature, I don’t even know how to spell properly (thank the heavens for spell checker).  I don’t expect to have lot of followers, just a few like minded people who enjoy what they read.
I don’t write for a living, I just love writing, it’s a hobby of mine I use it as an escape and I also use my writing as a way to use adult language on a daily basis, being a mum you sometimes don’t get to talk to another adult during a day so I write. It keeps me sane!
It’s possible that a swear word or two might make it into my posts. But I will do my best to refrain from using them.

If you’re wondering why I’ve called my blog Kaboodle Mum it’s because my changing bag for my little girl is called a kaboodle bag in our house.
Because its full of kaboodle – nappies, wet wipes, food, clothes, drinks, milk, bottle, nappy creams, teething gels, toys, the kitchen sink, a bathtub (no not really but it’s heavy enough!) ‘Kaboodle’, it might not be in the dictionary but it simply means Anything, Everything and More that baby will need on the go!

This is my blog, I’m looking forward to sharing my parenting knowledge, and crazy random ramblings, tutorials and how to’s and lots of stuff in between.
My daughter and I love getting creative and spend many the hour painting and colouring, making and doing and even sticking and glueing. I’ll be writing blog posts about the thing we’re making and sharing our methods and our madness.

I’m not good at much but I’m pretty good at being a mum, and I love sharing and comparing with other parents.
I hope you find my blog enjoyable and if you do then join me on my quest through parenthood!

Let’s get this show on the road,

Oodles and kaboodles of love,


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