Happy New Year!

Hi guys! It's been three months since I last posted anything. Truthfully, It's been three months since I've even been on WordPress. What did I say in my last post? Something about posting once a week, not doing what is expected of a 'blogger' and a lot more of the same. Obviously I didn't manage … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Hot Chocolate and Central Heating.

Today hasn't gone to plan already, and it's only twenty past 10 in the morning! I'm not gonna rant or anything, because shit happens, but I fancied a brain dump so here I am. College was great yesterday, but I've come home with a cold. It was inevitable. I knew it was coming but I … Continue reading Hot Chocolate and Central Heating.

Hello there Stranger!

Well, not you, me...I'm the stranger, but hello anyway! It's been what? Just over a month since I last posted? I don't know, I've lost track. My weeks are flying by because life is pretty fast paced at the moment. Willow has started school full-time, I'm in college, Mei is working, my therapy continues. I … Continue reading Hello there Stranger!

Pasta Accessories!

Hey guys! Today's post is another crafty little idea for the little ones! Pasta Accessories! Here's the Video! Scroll down to find out how to dye your own pasta at home! https://youtu.be/LXtVDALTMZY How to Dye Pasta What you will need Pasta - use the 'white' pasta. Food colouring White vinegar Food bags (optional, you could … Continue reading Pasta Accessories!

Cognitive behavioural therapy #8

CBT #8 CBT number 8, another session and more talking. I have to confess, I didn't do the 'homework'. I just couldn't bring myself to do it, I didn't find the courage to watch the videos at home. I admitted this to my therapist and explained how it had made me feel, how by not … Continue reading Cognitive behavioural therapy #8